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2030 Benson Road, Point Roberts, WA 98281 | 360-945-3473

Burn Permits

Where can I obtain a burn permit?

All fires require a permit. You can obtain a 7 day Residential Burn Permit $5.00 USD, a 1 year Recreational Permit $20 USD or a 24 hour Land Clearing Permit $50 USD at the Fire Hall located at 2030 Benson Road or by phoning 360-945-3473 to arrange a time to issue the permit.

What are the requirements for operating a residential or land clearing burn?

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to prevent the nuisance of smoke, odor, or ash, that unreasonably impacts neighboring properties RCW 70.94.030 (2)

  • Burn only natural vegetation.
  • Burn one pile at a time of yard debris, fires not to exceed 4 feet in diameter. Land clearing fires restricted to one fire per acre, not to exceed 25 feet in diameter.
  • Clear the area around the burn pile of any flammable debris.
  • The winds are calm or light. It is too windy to burn if trees are swaying, flags are extended, or waves appear on open water.
  • Maintain a connected water hose or at least five gallons of water and a shovel nearby.
  • Attend the fire until it is completely out. Be prepared to extinguish the fire if it becomes a nuisance.

(Land Clearing fires only)

For the duration of any Land Clearing fire, there must be a backhoe (or equivalent), water source, and fan on-site with an operator.  Land Clearing fires are extinguished if this condition is not met.

If Whatcom County Fire District 5 is called for a nuisance burn at your property, and one of these requirements is not met, we may be required to extinguish your fire and revoke your burn permit.

How do I find out if there is a burn ban in effect?

Call the Fire Marshal’s recorded line at 360-676-6934, view our signs at the border and the fire hall, or contact the Fire Hall at 360-945-3473. We will do our best to get back to you and answer your questions.

I have another question and need help!

You can phone the Whatcom County Fire District 5 office for non-emergency questions at 360-945-3473. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TYPES OF BURNS REQUIRE A VALID PERMIT IN POINT ROBERTS FOLLOWING FIRE DISTRICT RESOLUTION 2006-05 AND MAY HAVE STRICTER REQUIREMENTS.  

Read the full pdf file on Outdoor Burning Permit Information

Burn Permit Policy

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