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2030 Benson Road, Point Roberts, WA 98281 | 360-945-3473

Public Education

At the Point Roberts Fire Department, our focus is fire and injury prevention through education. We offer education to the citizens of our fire district in many forms. Some of these educational opportunities are station tours, fire and life safety presentations and fire extinguisher classes. Our educational programs are suited for all ages; expectant parents, pre-school age children through teens, families, adults, senior citizens and businesses.

Is your home fire safe?

Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Do I have working smoke detectors in each bedroom?
  • Do I have carbon monoxide detectors in my home?
  • Do I have all ignition sources (matches and lighters) secured in a locked cabinet?
  • Do I know how to properly use a fire extinguisher?
  • Do I know two ways out of my house?
  • Does my family have a fire escape plan and meeting place?
  • Am I using candles safely away from children, pets and ignitable sources?
  • Do all members of my family know what to do and where to go in an emergency?
  • Do my children know the difference between toys and tools?
  • Do my children know when it is appropriate to call 911?
  • How many matches does it take to start a really big fire that could result in life or property loss?

If you have questions, are interested in learning more about fire and life safety or in scheduling one of our presentations please contact the Fire Hall at 360-945-3473 or email Fire Chief Christopher Carleton at

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